Day 67: Blueberry Blast – a Healthy Breakfast Treat – looks almost like dessert to me

Simple, easy and looks like dessert.

Simple, easy and looks like dessert.

Today’s project is quick and easy, by necessity.  As I mentioned, we spent the weekend in a local hotel – within 25 miles of our house.  This turned out to be a real treat.  It seems like we never take the time to be “tourists” in our own area.  This gave me the chance to stay in a nice hotel that I would never have stayed in , eat in some restaurants that  I really like and shop in cute stores that I wouldn’t have normally gotten around to going into.  Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend (other than getting severely behind on my blog.)

The hotel we stayed in had a couple of cute ideas that I hadn’t seen before and thought I’d share.  First,they brought breakfast to our room in a cute basket wrapped in a green and white checkered tablecloth.  It looked like a picnic basket!  They put in a carafe of coffee , some granola and fruit.  They also included Mason jars filled with orange juice and milk.  It was just a cute way to get breakfast and would even be fun at home if you wanted to surprise a deserving family member or friend.

The other nice touch was in the evening.  They had an outside gas fire with chairs and blankets, so it was cozy even though the weather was chilly.  You could stop in the restaurant on the way outside and pick up a “S’more Kit”.  It was a small bamboo box  which included chocolate bars, individually wrapped graham crackers and a few marshmallows in a Ziploc bag.  They even included some Wet Wipes.  There were lots of marshmallow roasters around the fire pit.  It was a really relaxing way to end the day and I think this could also be adapted for home use – maybe a cute birthday party idea.

Of course, I would have taken pictures of these nice ideas if I had brought  my phone, but you will just have to take my word for it.

Step 1 - well, there's actually only 2 steps!

Step 1 – well, there’s actually only 2 steps!

I chose this interesting looking recipe for Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Blasts from the Parenting Magazine.  Here is the link: .  I’m always looking for ways to make weekday mornings easier and healthier.  These yogurt cups sounded like just the thing to grab and go as I run out the door.  And trust me, I’m usually running!  Big Daddio might even go for these.

Blueberry blast ingredients - only 4

Blueberry blast ingredients – only 4

These are very simple and only require four ingredients.  Yogurt, granola, honey and blueberries.  You don’t even need a recipe.  Just pour a little granola in the bottom of a muffin cup, then cover with some Greek vanilla-flavored yogurt and mix in some blueberries,  After that, you put them in the freezer and let them harden up.  Yum – they’re like a little dessert without too many calories.

There’s really not much more to say about these so I’ll keep this short and continue working on getting caught up.  Hope you enjoy this idea for a simple and easy make-ahead breakfast.  I know I’m going to enjoy having these in my freezer.