Day 107 : White Bean Dip with Pesto – yes, this IS what we’re having for dinner!

This dip makes a nice little no-meat dinner.

This dip makes a nice little no-meat dinner.

For tonight’s project I decided we needed something healthy.  There’s been a little too much eating out and eating pizza for me to make any progress on my diet.  Fortunately, we just started a new healthy initiative at work this week so maybe that will finally get me motivated.  I wish they’d make me weigh in each week in front of the whole department.  I have a feeling that would keep me away from the junk food.  Can you even image what that would be like?  Well, I guess it would be like being on The Biggest Loser, except a lot worse.

This reminds me of another great idea I came up with the other day.  I was talking to Big Daddio about a bad day I had coming up at work that I just wished I could completely skip and come out on the other side on the next day!  And then I started thinking – what if every person started life with a handful of “skip” days.  Anytime you just didn’t want to go thru that day you could use one of your skips.  But you would only have a few – maybe four or five for your whole life.   I started thinking about how hard it would be to decide when to use your days.  How would it change your life?  Anyway, just a weird thing that popped into my mind.

Anywho, back to the bean dip.  I found this recipe on a blog that I really like called A House in the Hills.  She has a lot of great stuff and one of the things I like best are her portraits of dogs in costumes.  Hilarious and all for an animal aid charity.   Take a look – all you dog lovers will enjoy it.  Here’s the link for the bean dip recipe:

Only a few ingredients and my favorite - GARLIC

Only a few ingredients and my favorite – GARLIC

I loved this recipe for several reasons:

1)  Only 6 ingredients

2) Everything goes in the food processor as is – no chopping, no prepping, no other pans or bowls

3) It tastes and looks excellent – foolproof

4) It has garlic

4) I kept thinking about those dog in the costumes while I was cooking.  They made me laugh!

It all goes right in the food processor

It all goes right in the food processor

Once it was all mixed up, I put the dip in some cute little bowls.  I topped it with some pesto and olive oil and then put it on a plate with some crackers and fruit.  After a little photo session, I took it in to Big Daddio.  By now you know him well enough to know that he was not going to eat White Bean Dip with Pesto and fruit for dinner without putting up a fight.  A couple of comments I heard were – “Is this what we’re having for dinner?”  and “This looks a little fancy”.  I gave him a look – you know, THE look – and he just quietly ate his dinner.

Yes, this is what we're having for dinner!

Yes, this is what we’re having for dinner!

We actually both liked it a lot.  I think it would make a great appetizer for a party.  If I ever get time to have a party again!

And that’s the story of our White Bean Dip Dinner.