Day 114: No bake cookies – why have I never made these before?


Tonight’s project is something I came across by accident on Pinterest.  I saw these Chocolate No-Bake Cookies and I thought – yum, those are my favorite cookies and I’ve never made them.  Whenever I see them on a cookie platter, I always go for them first.  I think it says a lot about me that I’ve never thought about trying to find the recipe and make them myself.  I was always just content to wait until someone else made them!

The recipe came from a site called “One More Moore”.  It’s a VERY cute blog about a young family and their adventures in eating, decorating and playing.  Kind of makes me wish I was a little cooler!    Anyway, she had the recipe for the elusive no-bake cookies that I’ve been dreaming of and had to try.  Here’s the link:

Turns out that these are very easy to make.  The only ingredient I didn’t have was, oddly enough, peanut butter.  This ended up costing me a lot because I had to send my daughter and her boyfriend to the store with my debit card to buy the peanut butter (and $50 of other stuff) because I was just too lazy to brush my hair and expose my previously mentioned white legs to the light of day.

The ingredients - the peanut butter only cost me $50!

The ingredients – the peanut butter only cost me $50!

These seriously took only about 15 minutes to make – if you don’t count the additional 5 minutes spent shooing Big Daddio away from the cookies before they cooled.  Even that only took about 20 minutes and believe me, we know because we were hovering around them waiting for them to cool enough to start eating!  They are really good, although Big Daddio said (rather rudely, I thought) that they look a little like something our Granddogs left behind in the yard!  Haha, I have to admit he has a point but they are still really good.

The cooling cookies - you can't see me holding Big Daddio back!

The cooling cookies – you can’t see me holding Big Daddio back!

That is about all I accomplished tonight.  Big Daddio watched a number of episodes of Pawn Stars and Swamp People – honestly, why can’t he have better taste and watch classy stuff like I do – things like The Kardashians and Fashion Star!   Anywho, it’s time to call it a night and see what tomorrow brings.