Day 75: A dress for the baby – I know she’ll be big enough to wear this someday!

Baby dress - looks a little big.  Kennedy better grow fast!

Baby dress – looks a little big. Kennedy better grow fast!

Hello again!  I’m sorry I keep getting (or staying behind) but I just have never quite recovered from missing that whole week when we were gone for the grandbaby.  I get tantalizingly close and then something comes up and I slip behind again.  But I’m determined to keep going and make it to my goal of one project per day, so don’t give up hope!  No, I’m talking to myself – DON’T GIVE UP HOPE.

Anyway, I was in the mood last night to spend some time with my sewing machine.  I saw a really cute baby dress idea at a blog called Imperfect Homemaking.  Boy, is that perfect for me!   Here is the link:

I used a pattern I already had - I would like to try the online pattern next time.

I used a pattern I already had – I would like to try the online pattern next time.

I didn’t use this exact pattern because I had one that was similar.  Next time I think I’ll try actually printing out the pattern online.  I like the idea she had for putting elastic around the bodice.  Seems like it might make the whole thing fit a little better.

I looked thru my stash of fabric and found this pretty pink and white cotton that I’m pretty sure I bought with the idea of making something for my daughter!  So it’s pretty old, but still looked cute to me.  I found some lace and started cutting.

The top needed a little more pizzazz

The top needed a little more pizzazz

Once I got the bodice finished, I decided it looked kind of plain.  I added some decorative stitching and the green ribbon and bow.  I thought that perked it up a little.  Next came the hardest part – but not too hard.  I just needed to gather the skirt and sew everything together.  That’s always the part where things can go wrong, but in this case everything looked good.

I’d like to point out that I when I sew I almost NEVER sew anything by hand.  So when the directions say to “sew down the bodice lining by hand” – there’s no way I’m going to do that.  I also almost never hem or do anything else by hand.  I’m pointing this out in case you’re a beginner sewer.  I think you should always be open to doing things a little differently.  If you’re using a formal pattern they usually include a lot of things that are kind of old-fashioned.  If you just think about it, you can sometimes come up with a better, faster way.  So be open and don’t be afraid to do things differently.

The bottom - I might have to cut the lace off to make it fit!

The bottom – I might have to cut the lace off to make it fit!

Now that it’s finished, I think it looks cute but BIG.  I’m going to have to get ahold of that baby and see just how much too big this is.  I might just cut off the lace and re-hem it so it’s shorter.  Hopefully I’ll see her soon so I can get some reliable measurements to work with.  There are SO MANY cute dress ideas on Pinterest that I can’t wait to try.  I just hope she has a lot of events coming up!


Day 64: Repurposed Easter Bunny Box – for guess who?

Bunny Box ready for filling!

Whew! I thought I was going to have my first real Pinterest failure tonight. But I pulled it out in the nick of time with the quick thinking of Big Daddio.  This just goes to proves that you should never give up – even when American Idol top 10 results are on and you really just want to lay on the couch!

Today’s project started because of the new baby in a couple of ways.  First, I brought home a box from my daughter’s house.  It was from a gift that Jay got her as a birth present.  She couldn’t eat unprocessed foods while she was pregnant and he ordered her a whole assortment of wonderful cheeses – brie, blue cheese and some others I don’t know the name of but were really good (Jordan shared with us).

The box was cute - but I had other ideas!

The box was cute – but I had other ideas!

Anyway, it all came in a box that was cute and could have been reused as it was.  But I had bigger ideas!  I brought it home and got to work.  I found a can of pink spray paint – my new favorite.  I sprayed it several times to cover the red lettering.  Then I started thinking about how to decorate it.  I’m not really artistic which is too bad, because I had a great idea to freehand draw an Easter Bunny and write the baby’s name and birthdate in beautiful handwriting.  Unfortunately, I know this wasn’t going to look good if I did it myself so I had to search Pinterest for alternatives.

I found a really cute pin with a downloadable print from The Velveteen Rabbit.  This was my youngest daughter’s favorite stuffed animal when she was young.  She carried a ratty and deteriorating Velveteen Rabbit that she called “Bun-Bun” everywhere she went.  Anyone who knows her has a story about Bun-Bun.  So this definitely has a special place in my heart.

The link is for a download you can buy on Etsy:  Now I have to be honest – I’ve heard about Etsy but was never really sure what it was.  I had to set up an account and then purchase the download for $1.oo.  Once I got into my account, I quickly discovered a whole new world of things to want!  There’s a million unique and handcrafted things!  It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have much time to look around – yet.

Another view of the box

Another view of the box

My first attempt was rather unsuccessful.  I tried using my spray glue and then Mod-Podging the print to the top of the box.  I don’t think I’ve really mastered Mod-Podge, because it kind of buckled and wrinkled like it did the last time I tried it on the wall hanging for Brooke’s room.  Anyway, Big Daddio took one look at it and said “Why is it so wrinkled?  You should tear it off and start over.”  Which is what I did!

I added some cute lining to the inside - ready for some great Easter stuff

I added some cute lining to the inside – ready for some great Easter stuff

The second time I decided that simpler might be better.  I just glued the print to the top with my spray glue and then got really crafty.  I sprayed a little glue around the top and sprinkled on some glitter.  Voila! I added the cute little stick-on jewels I found down in the basement and it turned out really cute.  Now I have a box for the baby’s first Easter.  I can’t wait to start looking for things to fill it with.

Glad I didn’t give up on this one!