Day 100: Kind of a milestone – I’m giving myself the day off!

I just picked a picture I like.  I didn't even take it - is that against the rules?

I just picked a picture I like. I didn’t even take it – is that against the rules?

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself because of all the “rules” I make for myself about my blog!  Here I am at day 100 and I have this whole mental dialogue about whether it’s ok to take a day off from blogging.  And once I decide it’s ok, I feel the need to write about it, so I am still blogging anyway!

This will be a quick one – I think!  I never really know what is going to come out once I start writing, so I’m as surprised as anyone at what I end up with.  I had an interesting discussion with my brother the other day about writing a blog.  I was encouraging him to start one – I think he would enjoy it and he’s always writing witty and entertaining things anyway.  His response surprised me – he said he couldn’t do it because it would just stress him out.  He is a perfectionist and he said he knew he would read and reread everything a million times before he posted it.  He said he would never feel like anything was “ready” and it would just be a source of frustration to him.


This had never occurred to me before.  I’m sure it will come as no surprise to my readers that I do not stress for long periods of time about what I write.  I almost never re-write anything once it’s down “on paper” and I hardly ever think about it before or after I do the writing.  I just dash something off, press publish and that’s usually the last I ever think about it.  I guess my brother must have in mind writing something a lot “deeper” than anything I ever do.

I will be a bit introspective today, since I have no project or anything “tangible” to share.  This whole journey – I hate to make it sound anymore important than what it is, but for me it is a journey  – has been kind of valuable for me.  Sometimes I just feel kind of annoyed that I “have to write my blog for the day” but once I start I’m always glad I did.  And as I look back thru my posts it is kind of nice to have a written record of what’s going on in my life.  It makes me feel more connected with the world in general and I find myself looking at lots of things in a different way.

A "cluttered" picture, but it looks good.

A “cluttered” picture, but it looks good.

For instance, I’ve been taking a lot more pictures lately and something occurred to me.  The best pictures seem to be one of two things – either really simple, clean and uncluttered or of things that are very cluttered, full or busy.  It’s the kind of in-between stuff that is usually unappealing or uninteresting.  I got to thinking that maybe this is kind of a metaphor for life in general.  Are we happiest when we are either of one of those states – really simple and uncluttered or just full to the brim with activity, excitement, happiness, love or some combination of those things?  I think maybe that’s true for me, anyway.

Simple, but still so beautiful.

Simple, but still so beautiful.

Well, enough of my ramblings.  See – I managed to come up with 589 words and I didn’t even have anything to talk about.  I don’t think Big Daddio will be really surprised by that!


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