Day 92: Beef Stew with Bacon – well, a girl has to eat!

An excellent dinner. Even Big Daddio liked this!

An excellent dinner. Even Big Daddio liked this!

My daughter Brooke is never impressed when my project is cooking.  But I haven’t done a CrockPot recipe for awhile and it’s SO nice to come home and know that my project is all ready and we have a good dinner waiting.

I know I’ve mentioned before that Big Daddio isn’t a huge fan of CrockPot food.  So I looked around for a recipe that I thought he’d like.  I finally found one at a site called  Here is the link:   It’s part of an article called 11 Easy Crock Pot Recipes and there were a couple of others that looked good, but I thought this one would have the best chance of appealing to John.

The ingredients - I did make a few substitutions

The ingredients – I did make a few substitutions

I got most of the ingredients together, but I had to make a few substitutions.  I couldn’t find the frozen pearl onions at the store so I just left them out.  I wasn’t sure how the fresh ones would work since I’ve only used them once before.  I used cooking sherry in place of the wine because I didn’t want to open a whole bottle.  Finally, I didn’t have any tomato paste so I just used ketchup.  I don’t think any of those changes caused any problems.

I got everything ready this morning before work.  One thing to know about this recipe is that it takes quite a lot of prep work.  I was a little late for work because I was busy cooking bacon, cutting and browning beef, making the sauce and getting everything in the CrockPot.  It also created quite a few dirty dishes that were waiting for me when I got home.  Where is that darn maid when I need her!

Anyway, the stew cooked all day while I worked.  When I got home I added the bacon and rosemary.  It was starting to look pretty good at that point.  Big Daddio came in, looked at it and nodded non-commitedly.  That meant that he MIGHT like it.  Next, he asked if I was making noodles to go with it.  Actually, the recipe didn’t mention noodles but that did sound like a pretty good idea.

Did anyone else know this trick about not having the water not boil over?

Did anyone else know this trick about not having the water not boil over?

This brings me to an interesting item that my daughter Brooke shared with me over the weekend.  Lots of other people probably already know this, but she told me that if you put a wooden spoon across the pot it won’t boil over.  I figured that this was a good chance to put it to the test and you know what?  It actually worked!  I have absolutely no idea why, but I’m going to do that from now on.  No more boiling over !

Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

We sat down to our good dinner and both agreed that this was pretty great.  It would even be good to make for company – it definitely has a different taste and texture than a lot of generic Crockpot recipes.  This one is a keeper!


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