Day 91: Chicken Piccata – A good start to the new month

Chicken Piccata  - it looks very pretty, I think

Chicken Piccata – it looks very pretty, I think

I may have mentioned this once (or 10 times) but I’m going to Atlanta this weekend to see my granddaughter!  In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited – it will be the first time we’ve seen her in person since she was born.  I hope she remembers me!

We have been running around quite a lot this week and not eating very well, so I decided that I should actually cook dinner tonight.  That’s where Pinterest comes in.  I searched around until I found something that sounded really good to me.  I came across this recipe for Chicken Piccata at a site called “Life as a Lofthouse”.  Here is the link:  Life as a Lofthouse is a food blog with about a million good sounding recipes.  I really want to try the Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice.

I chose this recipe because it said it is very quick and easy.  Also, I’ve had Chicken Piccata before and I remember liking it. But it’s been a long time since I made it so I thought I’d give it a try tonight.  I picked up all the ingredients before Bell Choir and hurried home to start cooking.  Big Daddio looked pleased to have something in the works for his dinner for once!

Keep an eye on your chicken as it's cooking!

Keep an eye on your chicken as it’s cooking!

As promised, this recipe is quick and easy.  I do have a few tips that I’d like to share:

1)  Be sure to cut the chicken thin enough.  I only cut mine in half and I think it should have been a little thinner.

2)  Don’t get the butter too hot and start talking to your husband (or whoever) and forget that you have chicken cooking.  Mine got a little burned and the kitchen got a little smoky because I got distracted chatting with Big Daddio.

3)  I would suggest doubling the sauce.  We had enough for our dinner, but there’s none left to go on my lunch leftovers tomorrow.

4)  I should have started the pasta a little later in the process.  It got done too early and was a  little clumpy.  Don’t forget that Angel Hair pasta doesn’t take very long to cook.

I would definitely like to try this again.

I would definitely like to try this again.

Even though there are some things I would do a little differently next time, I thought it was very good.  Big Daddio liked it to, but maybe he was just happy to have something to eat except leftover pizza.  I think we will be having Chicken Piccata again!


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