Day 85: Pedicure : Heading to warmer weather

My favorite nail polish - reminds me of my last cruise

My favorite nail polish – reminds me of my last cruise

As I’ve often mentioned, I need to combine my Pinterest activities with required maintenance around the house just to keep my head above water!  When I saw a pin about pedicure tips this week, it occurred to me that I could use the same logic for some “personal” maintenance.  Now that the weather has FINALLY started to improve  and I’m heading to Atlanta, I decided to use a couple of the pedicure tips and see if I can get my rather disgusting feet under control.  Winter and wearing heels everyday to work has really taken a toll on them.

The only problem with this project is that even after a pedicure my feet really aren’t “foot model” worthy, so this post is a little light on pictures.  My family always jokes that we have a genetic pre-disposition to ugly feet, so at least I come by it honestly.   I remember a girl I went to high school with who had the best feet – I can still remember them after over thirty years!  Anyway, I won’t be embarrassing myself by showing any pictures of this particular part of my body – or any others for that matter!

If you don't have a Ped Egg - get one!

If you don’t have a Ped Egg – get one!

Here’s the process I used.  First, I got out my handy Ped Egg.  This is my favorite foot “equipment”.  After I tried it for the first time a few years ago I called my whole family and told them to go out and get one.  As I mentioned, as a group we all need help in the foot department.  My daughters think the Ped Egg is “gross” because it makes what they call “foot powder”.  I guess it’s all the dead stuff that gets scraped off and I suppose that is gross, but it really does make my feet look better.

The next step was a Pinterst pin that I found at a site called “Projectville – Daily Style Inspriation”  This blog has some cute ideas, although she’s a lot younger than me.  I mean, I’m probably not going to start wearing feathers in my hair!  But she did have a really fun idea about buying perfume as a souvenir from all her trips.  She buys a different bottle in each airport and writes where she got it with a Sharpie on the bottle.  I think I’m going to start doing this – in fact,I’ll give it a try when I’m in Atlanta this week.

Anyway, she has a little post about giving yourself a pedicure and that’s what I used as my inspiration.  Here’s the link:  It’s pretty simple, but has some ideas I haven’t tried before.

Ingredients for the foot scrub  - don't tell Big Daddio I used his pretzel salt!

Ingredients for the foot scrub – don’t tell Big Daddio I used his pretzel salt!

I started off with the foot “milk bath”.  I did this quickly while Big Daddio was out because he would have complained about wasting milk on my feet.  It was very relaxing.  After that I whipped up the scrub she suggests.  It’s made with honey, vinegar and salt.  I didn’t know how well it would work, but I really liked it.  It’s just abrasive enough to be effective but the honey makes it really soothing.  I will definitely do this again.

Finally, I got out my favorite nail polish.  I bought this for my cruise last year and it just makes me happy when I see it.  I painted several coats (carefully) and then finished it with a coat of clear polish.  I think this is a really important step – it makes it last a lot longer and seems to hold up better when wearing heels.

My feet look much better now.  I almost broke down and showed a picture, but they’re still not that great.  At least I’ll be able to wear sandals in Atlanta if it’s warm enough – which I’m really hoping it is!  Hope this inspires you to get out your nail polish and flip flops!


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