Day 80: Botanical prints – Pottery Barn was my inspiration

My new "picture gallery"  - it was quite a bargain

My new “picture gallery” – it was quite a bargain

You may have started to think that we’ve given up on our hall project, but you would be wrong.  I just needed to wait for Big Daddio to do some of the painting.  We’re still not completely done, but we’re made good progress and I’m determined to have it finished by the end of March.  That will mean I’ll be on track to finish one major project each month  (see also bedroom and laundry room!).  As I’ve said before, I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got an almost unlimited supply of outdated rooms to work on.

I found a pin that I really liked with an idea for a series of pictures down the hallway.  It’s a blog called A Thoughtful Place.  Here is the link: If you look at it, you’ll see some really great home decor ideas. I looked in my Pottery Barn catalog and found almost exactly what I was looking for.  Unfortunately, the prints were $100 each and I needed three.  That’s more than my budget for this whole project!  So, like a good Pinterest blogger I knew it was time to get crafty.

I went to Michael’s and found white frames and mats.  I think they cost about $60 in total.  Already on my way to a bargain!

Everything I needed to make my own botanical prints

Everything I needed to make my own botanical prints

Next, I searched Pinterest and found a sit with exactly what I was looking for – botanical prints to download and print for free.  There were hundreds to choose from so I had a hard time making up my mind.  I finally just picked three and stopped worrying about it.  It took about 20 minutes to get everything in the frame and ready to go.

These prints are so pretty and there's lots to chose from.

These prints are so pretty and there’s lots to chose from.

At this point, Big Daddio stepped in to help hang them on the walls that he has been so diligently painting.  They look really nice and I love the combination of the white and gray.  It look a few tries to get the color I wanted and it’s still a little bluer than I was hoping for.  But I don’t think I’ll ask him to repaint it again – haha, I might lose my “voluntary” laborer for good!

I also found a cute “welcome” sign to hang over the door.  I had bought a large one that I was going to hang on the long wall, but once I found the picture idea I decided to take it back.  Brooke had the great idea to find a smaller one for over the door.  It’s just what I needed.

Another view - I'm in love!

Another view – I’m in love!

Also, notice the lovely door.  We thought we were going to have to buy all new hardware, which would have been expensive and difficult.  Everything in our house seems to be a slightly odd size or shape.  So John just sprayed everything with a metallic spray paint (I love that stuff!).  I think it looks great and it saved us from having to buy an expensive new door.

I can’t wait to show the other side of the hall and my new light, but I have a little more work to do.  I’ll keep you posted.


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