Day 79 – Baking for a birthday – Irish Pound Cake

Pound cake - well, I didn't give all of it away!

Pound cake – well, I didn’t give all of it away!

Today I decided to combine a Pinterest project with a birthday gift for a friend.  That’s the kind of thinking that I need to keep myself on track!  I saw  a cute idea at a site called   Here’s the link:  They have all kinds of ideas for wrapping and packaging things and something about the idea of pound cake and blueberries just sounded really good.  It was a simple wrapping idea and all I needed was to find a recipe for a pound cake.  No store-bought pound cake for this Pinterest girl!

I started looking around and found a blog called Laura’s Sweet Spot.  Perfect!  She has a recipe for something called Irish Pound Cake made with Bailey’s Irish Creme.  It sounded fabulous and I thought it would be a nice nod to the recent St. Patrick’s Day  holiday. Here’s the link:

Pound cake ingredients - not exactly health food.

Pound cake ingredients – not exactly health food.

I gathered all the ingredients and mixed everything up in my handy-dandy KitchenAid Standmixer.  I can’t imagine living without it!  The recipe was easy – just add lots of sugar, butter, eggs and flour.  I’m not saying this is a diet cake – far from it.  But if you just eat a little bit it shouldn’t be a problem – at least that’s what I’ll tell myself!

It took a little longer to bake then the recipe said – probably about an hour and 20 minutes.  I haven’t baked with a Bundt cake pan for quite awhile and I didn’t have complete confidence that it would come out, but it did.  I let it cool for a bit and then mixed up the glaze.  I really like how simple this is to make.

A pretty box for the Birthday Girl

A pretty box for the Birthday Girl

I quickly wrapped a little jar of blueberries and a section of the cake in a box I found during one of my recent craft store forays and hurried off to dinner.  I hope it will be a nice treat for the birthday girl and her husband!  I know that Big Daddio and I enjoyed having a piece while we watched The Amazing Race tonight.


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