Day 74: Cute Bunny Bag – Time to start getting ready for Easter

The finished and filled Easter Bunny Bag

The finished and filled Easter Bunny Bag

Tonight I decided to take a break from all my cooking and painting and try a cute Easter craft that I found at MerMag Blog.  She has a lot of really great ideas for little kids, including this adorable Easy Bunny Bag.  Here’s the link:

I don’t think it’s too soon to start some cute Easter projects.  After all, I made the Velveteen Rabbit repurposed box for Kennedy a couple of weeks ago.  I sent it down to her this weekend and filled it with the reversible flannel blanket I made quite awhile ago, a cute little “mouse” coat I found at Hannah Andersen and an adorable little summer dress I found at a baby boutique while shopping last weekend.  Now I have to make some cute things to send to my other “babies” – Brooke and Lauren.

This little bunny bag is really cute and easy.  I bought a few pieces of white felt at the store the other day. Each sheet was only $.23 and you can make one bunny bag per sheet.  Can’t really beat that, can you?

Cutting out the bunny with my newly found scissors!

Cutting out the bunny with my newly found scissors!

I love that the site includes a downloadable template that you can print on your computer.  You just pin it on a double layer of felt and cut out two layers at a time.  I was very happy that I found my good sewing scissors while I was looking for something in my craft room yesterday.  They had been missing for quite awhile and Big Daddio was always complaining that I “am not using the proper tools for the job”.  Haha, half the time I do that stuff just to bug him!  It’s always entertaining to use the “wrong” knife and listen to him launch into a list of the dangers and inefficiencies of using the wrong equipment!  He’s such an engineer.

Anyway, this is so easy.  You cut out the pieces and then stitch on a little face.  I just followed her directions because I’m not very creative, but I’m sure there are lots of other  things you could try.

After sewing and before filling.

After sewing and before filling.

After I got the face done, I turned on my sewing machine and stitched around the edges, leaving an opening between the ears to put candy or other treats (I can’t give away all my secrets just in case they are actually reading this!).

Another view of the Easter Bunny

Another view of the Easter Bunny

Sometimes things like this don’t turn out quite as cute as the picture when I make them, but I have to say that this is just as nice as the picture and only took a few minutes to make.  I could really turn these out fast if I had a little assembly line set up.  I would also suggest looking at the other ideas on this blog if you’re interested in other easy and fun Easter crafts.


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