Day 72: Shamrock Chips and Blender Guacamole – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

My Shamrock Appetizer

My Shamrock Appetizer

This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day AND Big Daddio’s birthday, so there’s lots to prepare for.  We are going to a Progressive Dinner Party  – appetizers at one home, dinner at a nearby restaurant and dinner at another home.  I need to bring an appetizer and a dessert and I figured this will be a perfect opportunity to try out a couple of St. Patrick’s day ideas that I’ve had waiting in the wings.  In addition, we are working hard on our hallway project and I hope to soon have some pictures from that project.  Actually, Big Daddio is doing most of the painting.  He’s decided that’s not my strong suit and who am I to argue!

The first recipe I wanted to share is something called Shamrock Chips and Blender Guacamole.  I thought this sounded like just a fun idea and found it at at blog called “One Good Thing”.  The blogger is a woman about my age who is apparently a genius because she has a million great ideas.  She also has a great story about how she overcame addiction.  Very inspiring and as I said, lots of cute projects including this one for St. Patrick’s Day.  Here’s the link:

I love appetizers like this that I can make ahead and don’t have to heat up or try to keep hot on the way to the party.  I hate it when someone shows up at my house and wants to use my oven.  Sometimes I haven’t cleaned it in awhile and it’s embarrassing to have to show it to someone else.  Unless they’re a good friend and let’s face it, those are the only people I usually invite to my house.  So I guess I don’t really care.  But I still love a good appetizer that I can just take along and plop down on the table.

Shamrock Chips2

Honestly, the hardest part about this recipe was finding a shamrock shaped cookie cutter.  I checked a couple of stores and couldn’t find anything.  Finally I decided to look in my stash at home and found the one you see in the picture.  It’s actually a “club” from a set of cookie cutters my grandmother had.  I guess they used to have card parties and make things in the shapes of diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs.  Very cute idea and I think the club looks close enough to a shamrock to work.  I also tried to find spinach tortillas at the store, but they were out.  It would have been cute to have the green color, but I wasn’t committed enough to drive around town looking for them.

The recipe suggests heating the tortilla before cutting.  This is a good idea because it’s actually kind of hard to cut them.  But it wasn’t terrible and probably only took me about a half hour to cut all that I needed.  I brushed them with olive oil and baked them.  They turned out cute and more importantly, they really taste good.  Well worth the effort and think of all the possibilities!

The shamrock "crackers" after they were baked.  They really do taste good.

The shamrock “crackers” after they were baked. They really do taste good.

The guacamole was simple – you just throw everything in the food processor and turn it on.  It tastes good and you don’t even have to worry about it turning brown because it has lemon juice in it.  I’ve actually been kind of leery of making guacamole since a dinner party early in my marriage.  I had invited some business associates over for dinner and decided to serve guacamole as an appetizer.  Everyone arrived and I put the platter in the middle of our coffee table.  Just about that time, our large black lab enthusiastically invited herself to the festivities.  Her big, wagging tail hit the bowl of guacamole and it went flying everywhere. I don’t know if I’ve made it since then – too many bad memories!

Anyway, this recipe turned out really good and everyone was impressed that I made my own crackers.  I will definitely be making this again in the future


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