Day 71: Crockpot Buffalo Chicken – A really simple dinner

A good Buffalo Chicken dinner.  The beer really is a must.

A good Buffalo Chicken dinner. The beer really is a must.

First, I’d like to give an update on my two make-ahead projects this week.  I can speak to the Mason Jar Salads (although I didn’t use mason jars).  I think they are wonderful.  Today I poured one of the poppyseed, fruit and grilled chicken salads into a bowl at work and someone walked up and said “Wow, that looks great.  How do you do it?”    And it was really good.  The lettuce wasn’t soggy and all the flavors melded together.  I can’t wait to try the Caesar version that I made.  I think I’ll be doing this again next week.  I also had some of last night’s soup – all in all it was a great lunch.

I haven’t tried the freezer sandwiches because I’m not eating bread, but I interviewed John to get his opinion.  He says he likes them and he would like me to make them again.  That’s pretty high praise from him.  He is a little disturbed by the daily labels – he says he wants to be able to eat whatever one he wants no matter what day it is!  I asked him if he would have liked them better if I had colored the labels.  He laughed and said “absolutely not”.  I think he would have been too embarrassed to take them to work!  He did mention that he preferred the sausage better than the bacon.  I suspect that the bacon gets a little soggy by the time it’s ready to be eaten.

I would say that both of those projects were successful and I will definitely make the salads again for next week’s lunch.  Now it’s time to move on to the next project – a Crock Pot dinner for tonight.  I chose something from a blog called “All My Great Ideas Come From Pinterest”.  Haha – that sounds like me!  She does basically what I’ve been doing – she does Pinterest projects and then blogs about them.  She just isn’t crazy enough to do one every single day.  For a whole year.  Oh well, only about 294 more days left.  But who’s counting!

Only three ingredients - so simple.

Only three ingredients – so simple.

Anyway, this is a very simple recipe, which is my favorite kind on a busy morning.  Here is the link:

All I had to do was throw the bag of frozen chicken breasts in the Crock Pot (well you take them out of the bag) and then dump in the hot sauce and the Ranch Dressing mix.  That’s it.  No dirty dishes, no pre-cooking, no mixing.  I loved it!

When I got home all I had to do was shred the chicken and put it back in the pot for about an hour while I read the mail and took a tiny nap.  I guess you could do a lot with this, but I decided to make mine into a wrap with a little Blue Cheese dressing.  I also put on a little cheese, lettuce and tomato.  It was very good, but the only problem was that I only had corn tortillas.  They broke apart too easily and made a mess.  The chicken is pretty sloppy anyway without that kind of help.

The chicken was easy to shred after 9 hours of cooking

The chicken was easy to shred after 9 hours of cooking

Tomorrow I’ll try some of the leftovers (there is quite a bit left) in a flour tortilla and see if that works better.  I should also add that the beer was an excellent addition to the meal.  Something about the hotness of the chicken just demands the beer!

Have a good evening.   I’ve got some shopping to do for my projects tomorrow.


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