Day 70: Curried Butternut and Corn Chowder – Yum!

A delicious "glass" of soup.

A delicious “glass” of soup.

Well, it’s another night of rushing around trying to get caught up.  This will teach me to get behind because it’s really hard to double-up on projects on a week night.  But enough complaining – I’m almost there!

I found a recipe on a blog called ” In Real Life”.  She has some really cute ideas – especially home decor.  I’m going to go back there for sure.  The recipe I chose for tonight was called “Curried Butternut Squash and Corn Chowder” and here’s the link:

I picked this soup because it sounded delicious and looked fairly easy.  I usually make soup in a crockpot so it seemed like a nice change to just make it on the stove.  And the added bonus was that I could eat it tonight and not have to wait until tomorrow.  Which in this case would have been difficult.

The first step was to peel, seed and chop a butternut squash.  How difficult could that be?  I had no idea it was so hard to cut up a butternut squash and no one ever clued me in.  First I tried to just cut it in half.  Even with my really big, really sharp knife I couldn’t make a dent in that thing.  I had to call in Big Daddio and even he had a pretty hard time. He managed to cut it in four pieces and left it to me to do the rest.

The beautiful squash cooking -  too bad it was so hard to cut.

The beautiful squash cooking – too bad it was so hard to cut.

I seeded it and then tried cutting it into smaller pieces.  Still hard!  I finally used a vegetable peeler to peel the large pieces.  Once I got it peeled it was much easier to cut.  So that’s what I’d recommend – get your husband to cut it into pieces, peel those sections and then chop it into small sections.  This is the only way I avoided cutting my finger off with a huge knife.

The ingredients for the soup.  It only takes a few things.

The ingredients for the soup. It only takes a few things.

The blogger mentions that she buys butternut squash cut up and frozen at Trader Joe’s.  Unfortunately we don’t have one of those here, but if you have one near you I’d highly recommend that route before you risk a finger (or two).

Anyway, that was the hard part.  After that I just had to cook the squash and onion for awhile, then add the corn and broth and cook for another 20 minutes.  The last step is blending it until smooth.  If I still had my beloved immersion blender I could have used that, but instead I put it into the food processor.  This was pretty messy and once again involved Big Daddio to get the heavy container back into the pot.

Things really looked good once the cream went in!

Things really looked good once the cream went in!

The funny thing about having Big Daddio help me with this is that at some point he informed me that he doesn’t like curry and therefore wouldn’t like this soup.  I pointed out that he loved the grilled Lime Curry Chicken I made a week or so ago.  He said he didn’t know about that, but he was pretty sure he wouldn’t like the soup anyway.  Haha – what could he say after he already told me he didn’t like curry!  If you would have seen him eat that chicken you wouldn’t be so sure either.

Well, I really like the soup.  I think it would make a great first course for a dinner party or a nice lunch with a good salad.  I will have some for lunch tomorrow and probably dinner, too.  I don’t mind eating the same thing over and over as long as I like it.  Big Daddio said “it wasn’t his favorite”.  I think he just didn’t want to admit he liked curry!

I’m off to watch Project Runway.  Have a great evening!


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