Post 69: Mason Jar Salads for a week

Salad for a week - a little hard to get a good picture.

Salad for a week – a little hard to get a good picture.

My project today is for a “week of salads”.  This looks like a genius idea, although I’m going to start small because it’s already mid-week.  I love the thought of pulling a container out of the fridge in the morning and then mixing everything at lunchtime.  It’s a great idea that I found at a lovely site called My Tiny Little Life.  I also spotted something there called Buckeye Brownies that I’m going to have to try soon – right after Lent.  The link for today’s project is:

I bought all the suggested ingredients when I was at the store on Sunday and tonight I laid everything out kind of assembly-line style.  This allows me to watch a little American Idol and then run out during the commercials and throw some stuff in the containers.  This is important because Survivor is also on tonight  and I’ll have to watch the DVR of that after AI is over.  It’s a big night.

Before I discuss the salad project any further, I’d like to throw out a  big “thank you” to Big Daddio.  While I was out until all hours on Monday evening, he stayed home and removed all the remaining wallpaper from the hall.  I was so excited when I came home and saw that he had done all that hard, dirty work.  Tomorrow I will clean the walls thoroughly and then hopefully pick out the paint and get started this weekend.  I’m sure John has a couple of other ideas about “proper procedure” that we’ll  also have to work through!

Lots of salad ingredients to choose from!

Lots of salad ingredients to choose from!

So, back to the salad project.  This is pretty simple.  The blog suggested using glass Mason jars for this project, but I decided to use some plastic containers that I found the other night at the store.  I really didn’t want to buy a whole pack of Mason jars just for this use and I’ll probably never do any canning.  If I haven’t done it by now it’s probably not going to happen.

I tried two of the varieties mentioned in the article.  Obviously you could try many variations on this theme, but I decided to start with the Poppy Seed Fruit and the Caesar Chicken Salad.  Both are easy.  The idea is to put the dressing on the bottom and layer the other ingredients on top, leaving the lettuce for last.  That way it won’t get limp or wilty, which was my first thought when I saw this idea.

Chicken strips and seasoned corn were a perfect addition.

Chicken strips and seasoned corn were a perfect addition.

It was fun coming up with various combinations.  I used asparagus, yellow pepper, cucumber, blueberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, corn and chicken in various combination.  I’ve included a picture of my favorite chicken strips that can be heated in the microwave and the seasoned corn that I’ve mentioned in a couple of other posts.

Now I have four salads in the frig waiting for my lunch.  I will let you know tomorrow if they are any good, but I have high hopes!


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