Day 66: Entry Hall Decoration – time to get rid of the Christmas stuff!

My take on the hydrangea arrangement - time to let the Christmas stuff go.

My take on the hydrangea arrangement – time to let the Christmas stuff go.

Well, once again I have fallen severely behind.  And once again I’m determined to get caught up.  I was out of town for the weekend but planned to work on my postings while I was lounging around in the hotel.  Unfortunately, once I got to my destination I realized that I left my phone (with all my pictures and information) at home.  After that, I had two days of back-to-back activities and didn’t get home until 11:00 at night.  So I have to really push myself the next couple of days to make up some ground.

For today’s project I did a little redecorating of my entry hall table.  I just realized that we switch to daylight savings time on Saturday night and that seems to be a very clear signal that it’s time to take down the Christmas and winter themed items.  So the wreath went in the trash and the Christmas trees are destined for the attic storage boxes.

I found a Pinterest item that showed a really pretty and spring-y looking entry hall.  Thrifty Girl Décor has a lot of nice ideas and I especially liked this arrangement.  Here’s the link:   . I know I might be jumping the gun a little bit on the spring décor, but I don’t know when I’ll get another flash of inspiration.  I guess it’s always better to be ahead than behind.

Closeup of my hydrangea arrangement

Closeup of my hydrangea arrangement

I rushed over to Michael’s on my lunch hour and found a cute container like the one in the picture.  I needed something long and low.  Then I looked for some silk Hydrangeas that wouldn’t look too cheap.  Really good silk flowers are difficult to find, but I thought these would work for what I needed.

After work, I quickly cleared all the wintery stuff off the table and then started trying to match the arrangement in the picture.  I decided to bring out the lamps that had been in my bedroom until I found the new ones from the lady at work.  I arranged everything and I think it’s a reasonable copy of the picture.

This is what Big Daddio found when he got home!

This is what Big Daddio found when he got home!

I love to watch Big Daddio’s reaction when he comes  home to  these big changes.  First he does kind of a double-take and then he just pretends he hasn’t noticed anything.  I’m never sure if this means that he likes it, he doesn’t like it or he just doesn’t want to encourage this kind of behavior in the future.  Eventually I ask him what he thinks and he usually says something non-committal and vague.  That means that he’s ok with the change.  He normally doesn’t have a strong opinion about anything around the house but once in awhile he surprises me.  Like the time I tried to get rid of his ugly old alarm clock.  Big mistake!   I tried every trick in the book – begging, bribery, guilt, etc.  He’s not budging – it’s like Archie Bunker’s chair.

I guess I’ll just have to make peace with the clock and be glad it’s not something bigger and uglier than that!


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