Day 63: Root Vegetable Fries with Garlic Rosemary Aioli – I could eat these everyday

My Vege Fries and Aioli- taken with Big Daddio's  phone.  Sorry it's blurry

My vege fries and Aioli- taken with Big Daddio’s phone. Sorry it’s blurry

Tonight I decided to try something healthy and simple – probably not anything that Big Daddio would like, but he’s at a meeting tonight so I can enjoy these great sounding fries without him saying “what are those weird looking vegetables?  Why can’t you just use regular potatoes?”  I know that’s what he would say about these, but I think they sound great.

I found these at a site called A Finn in the Kitchen.  Here is the link:  There’s some good sounding recipes, including one called Peppermint Overload Brownies.  Oh yeah, I’ll probably be making these on Easter and eating the whole pan.  No, that’s bad – I shouldn’t even be thinking about something like that.

I should be thinking of things like Root Vegetable Fries.  I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t really sure what Aioli was until I made these.  Apparently it’s a really good garlicky mayo that you can dip your healthy fries into.  What a great idea!

The vegetables -  do you think that's a parsnip or a turnip?

The vegetables – do you think that’s a parsnip or a turnip?

I went to the store and got some carrots, a couple of sweet potatoes and a parsnip.  Or maybe it was a turnip, but I don’t think so.  I’m pretty sure it was a parsnip – kind of long like a carrot, but pale.  Anyway, I peeled them all and cut them carefully into fries.  I used my super-sharp knife because these weren’t the easiest to cut.  I was a little afraid I’d cut off a finger, but that didn’t happen.

Cut up and ready to cook

Cut up and ready to cook

These are good and look pretty.  You have to keep an eye on them toward the end because you want them crispy but not burnt.  They’re a lot like bacon in that way.  You know that last minute right between crispy and burning?  Well, that’s what you need for these fries.

I sat down and enjoyed these – ate the whole darn batch.  I’d have to say I liked the sweet potatoes best but they were all good.  And the best news is that I have a whole bunch cut up that I can cook tomorrow.  Yea!

These would be perfect for a “Girl’s Nite In”.  I have lots of friends who would like these, especially served alongside a glass of white wine or even better, a martini.  I’m going to have to give that some thought!


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