Day 61: Mini Bacon and Egg Cups – a fun brunch idea

Bacon and egg cups  - cute for a brunch

Bacon and egg cups – cute for a brunch

Today we had to leave the baby and head for home.  It was bittersweet – we will miss being there everyday but we know that it’s time for the new little family to start getting themselves into a routine without us around.  We can’t wait to see lots of pictures and get together again soon.

I was up early to take the dogs out and then decided to get right to work on ANOTHER Pinterest recipe.  I have had my eye on this one for awhile but just never had an occasion to try it.  This morning seemed  like the perfect time to try a slightly fancy breakfast idea.

I found the recipe at a site called “Recipe by Photo”.  The author  showed this cute recipe called Mini Bacon Egg Cups. Here’s the link:  There’s also a lot of cute Easter ideas on this site and now that I have a granddaughter (oh, have I mentioned that before?) I will definitely be checking out some of these projects.

Pre-cooked bacon for my bacon/egg cups

Pre-cooked bacon for my bacon/egg cups

Anyway, back to the bacon/egg cups.  I read some of the reviews and several mentioned that the bacon didn’t get crispy enough when it was put in the muffin cups raw.  So I pre-cooked mine for a few minutes.  I probably should have cooked it a little less because it got kind of crispy and hard to bend.  But that didn’t really hurt anything in the long run.

I poured in the egg mixture and baked them according to the directions.  They looked nice and I think they would be fun for a brunch.  I do think that next time I would add more cheese and probably some cut up peppers, onions and tomatoes.  That would probably add the little extra flavor that they needed.

I’d recommend these for a quick and easy brunch that you can throw in at the last minute and serve hot to your guests!

One last story from Sunday.  Jay and Jordan found a lost dog about a week ago.  He was wandering around their complex and was very friendly.  They are so soft-hearted that they almost took him in, but sanity prevailed since they were expecting the baby in just a couple of days.  The dog ended up being taken to the local shelter, but they have been keeping track of him.

Right before we left, Jay talked us into going over to the shelter with him to “visit” the dog who has now been named Humphrey by the staff.  He is a really nice dog – so friendly and easy going.  Not too big and about a year and a half old, so not a puppy.  Humphrey will be going up for adoption sometime during the week and we are REALLY hoping that some wonderful family finds him.  Because if that doesn’t happen, we could end up with a dog.

I bring this up so that just in case something like this happens it won’t be a complete surprise.  The last thing we need is a dog – but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  I’m just saying…


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