Day 57: Homemade Girl Scout Cookies – I could get addicted to these

These cookies are good! You can leave the coconut off and just dip them in chocolate

These cookies are good! You can leave the coconut off and just dip them in chocolate

As promised, my project today is from a blog I found called “Just a Taste”.  It is very well done and I’m definitely going to have to go back and look around at some of their ideas.  This particular recipe is for Homemade Samoas Girl Scout Cookies (link:  I just couldn’t resist trying these and thought that I’d have some time to work on them while I was at my daughter’s house.  Which I finally did, but it took awhile to get to them.

I have to say that I’ve seen this kind of Girl Scout cookie, but I’m pretty much addicted to the Thin Mints (who’s not?) and the Peanut Butter Cookies.  I was willing try something different – I mean, how can you go wrong with a Girl Scout cookie?  I knew they would be kind of fussy, which is not something I usually look for, but thought I could rope my youngest daughter into helping me (which I did).

The shortbread cookies are good all by themselves!

The shortbread cookies are good all by themselves!

There are several steps involved in making these.  First, you make a cutout shortbread cookie.  I was supposed to use a  round cutter for the center, but I didn’t have one so I used a star instead.  Kind of festive, right?  Actually, I decided that if I make these again I will just make a round cookie and avoid the mess of having a hole in the middle.  The caramel and coconut kept dripping thru.

Big Daddio's "special" cookie

Big Daddio’s “special” cookie

We all agreed that the shortbread cookie by itself was pretty good.  In fact, from Big Daddio’s perspective I could have stopped at that point (see the odd little cookie he made for himself out of the last bits of dough that I was just going to toss).  But I pushed on to the next step – the caramel.

After unwrapping all the little caramels and shooing my husband away from them constantly, I melted them and then mixed in the toasted coconut (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that step).  You save some plain caramel to spread on the cookies for stickiness  – I didn’t keep out enough and ran out before I was finished.  I would recommend buying a little more caramel than just one bag.

Another step in the process - caramel unwrapping

Another step in the process – caramel unwrapping

Next comes the hard part – spreading the sticky coconut and caramel mixture onto the cookies.  This is the part that I talked Brooke into helping with.  It is pretty messy, especially with the little hole in the middle.  She did a great job, although I think she put too much on each cookie because we ran out of that too.  But as I said, no one was too disappointed because we like the cookies plain anyway.

The final step involved melting chocolate and dipping the bottoms in and then letting them dry.  After that you’re supposed to drizzle the tops with chocolate which I didn’t do because I burned the last of the chocolate and didn’t have anymore.

If this is all starting to sound like a lot of work – it is!  I wouldn’t make these for just any old day, but I will say that they are GOOD.  As in, if I didn’t leave them with my daughter and send some to Brooke’s boyfriend I probably would have sat down with a quart of milk and ate the whole batch.

So if you’ve got some extra time on your hands give these a try.  They would be great for a special occasion.  Enjoy!


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