Day 53: Mr. and Mrs. signs – a cute idea for the bedroom

My cute Mr. & Mrs. signs - made from hand embroidered towels

My cute Mr. & Mrs. signs – made from hand embroidered towels

Once again I’ve spent Saturday doing Pinterest projects and finding things to do future projects.  This non-paying occupation keeps me pretty busy!  I am getting a lot of things done and hope to finish even more rooms soon.  I broke the news to Big Daddio that there are SEVERAL projects still needed in the master bedroom and I thought he took the news pretty well.  Except for one little thing that I’ll discuss later.

I happened on to a site today that basically has my dream house.  I loved the pictures and am going to have to go back and take a closer look at some of her ideas.  It’s called Bella Nest and seriously has some of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time.  Here’s the link:

I saw this cute picture and it made me think of some hand-embroidered guest towels from my great-aunt.  She used to make all kinds of things – pillowcases, towels, runners, etc.   A number of these have been passed down to me from my mom.  I just happened to find these towels the other day when I was cleaning out a cupboard in the laundry room.

I didn't actually use the scissors thanks to Big Daddio's quick thinking

I didn’t actually use the scissors thanks to Big Daddio’s quick thinking

After seeing the cute room in Bella Nest, I thought that I could do something similar using my towels.  I was planning to cut them to fit the frames, but Big Daddio had a much better idea.  He suggested wrapping the towel around the cardboard backing that came in the frame.  I just stretched to fit and taped it in place.  Then I folded the excess up in the back and kind of stuffed it all inside the backing.  It worked like a charm and I didn’t have to damage the towels.

After I got the little signs finished, I had another great idea!  I was going to hang them on the wall, but got to thinking that they’d be cute sitting on the nightstands (along with my new lamps).  Then I got ANOTHER idea – I have a set of figurines from John’s grandmother.  She really wanted us to have these and they’ve always been in our bedroom.  I decided to split them up and put the boy on “his side”  – see below:

"His" side

“His” side

I put the girl figure on the “hers” side:

"Hers" side

“Hers” side

Now there’s something from both sides of the family on each side!  I’m pretty happy with myself for thinking of this idea.  The only problem is that Big Daddio wants to keep his really ugly, old alarm clock on my beautifully staged night tables!  We’re still working thru this issue and I’m sure it will be resolved soon.

Well, we’re going out to dinner and I need to get ready.  There’s nothing better than a good meal when you’ve been dieting!  Have a good Saturday night.


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