Day 52: Easy Chicken Dinner results in a split decision at our house

The One-Pot Chicken dinner right out of the oven

The One-Pot Chicken dinner right out of the oven

I’ve spent most of today rushing around trying to get some things done for the coming week and tonight we’re going to a basketball game again.  Our team is undefeated and ranked #2 in the state. We have a great time going and cheering with our friends.

I decided to try a recipe I saw the other day for a one-pan dinner that sounded easy and good.  It was at a site called Saving makes Cents.  Pretty cute, huh?  Here’s the link for the recipe:

All that was required was one pan  – that gets my attention every time!  You lay some chicken breasts in the pan, surround with cut-up potatoes and layer in some green beans.  Then you pour some Italian dressing mix over the top, pour in a stick of melted butter, cover with foil and cook at 350 degrees for an hour.  I thought it sounded simple and good.

Dinner before cooking - doesn't look much different

Dinner before cooking – doesn’t look much different

I changed it a little because the recipe was made in a 9 x 13 dish with 4-6 chicken breasts.  Yikes, Big Daddio and I would be eating that forever!  So I used 2 chicken breasts in a smaller pan, cut up 2 potatoes and only used half the seasoning and the butter.  I meant to substitute olive oil for the butter but I got distracted and forgot.  Also, I wanted to use fresh green beans and some of the comments on the recipe said that fresh beans didn’t get cooked enough.  So just to be safe, I par-boiled the beans in a pan for a few minutes before I put them in the oven.  Don’t know if that was necessary, but I don’t think it hurt anything and the beans seemed just about right.

I pulled this culinary delight out of the oven just about the time Big Daddio arrived home from work.  It smelled and looked good.  I started eating my dinner with relish, but when I looked over at him he had a funny look on his face. Not a good funny face, but an unhappy face.  Turns out that he didn’t care for the Italian seasoning and then he went into a long explanation about how he didn’t like different things that were all cooked together.  He likes separate things to be cooked separately and besides he doesn’t like chicken all that much anyway.

Here's what my dinner looked like - I don't know what Big Daddio was complaining about!

Here’s what my dinner looked like – I don’t know what Big Daddio was complaining about!

Normally I might have taken this critique a little more seriously, but I was honestly enjoying my dinner quite a bit.  So I nodded politely and kept happily eating, thinking secretly that there would be more leftovers for me!  He grumbled a little and then bought a hotdog at the game, so I guess we both ended up happy.

So here’s what I can tell you about this recipe . I liked it and thought it was a great way to cook a whole meal quickly and simply.  My husband – well, not so much.   Maybe I’ll just make it on a night when he’s not around.


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