Day 51: Old hamper – nothing a can of spray paint and a staple gun can’t solve!


My hamper - improved and it didn't cost anything

My hamper – improved and it didn’t cost anything

Tonight I only have  time for a quick post.  I just got back from a nice event called A Warm Winter’s Evening that I went to  with a friend.  There was a nice dinner and then an  inspirational speaker.  It’s a big event and designed to cheer and inspire area women during the long, cold Michigan winter.  It was nice to see a number of ladies I haven’t seen in quite awhile.  That’s one problem with working full time – I don’t have much time to see some of my friends on a regular basis.  I guess that’s another thing I need to work on.

It sounds like “our” baby may be coming very soon now.  I think we will drive down sometime in the next couple of days and the baby will be delivered on Monday.   I’m getting so excited and a little nervous – being a Grandmother is uncharted territory.  What if I can’t even remember how to hold a baby anymore?

Anyway, my little project for today is in the master bedroom again.  I’ve decided to make that room my focus for a few days.  It’s kind of like the bedroom upstairs – I got it about 90% finished and then just pooped out.  A few  tweeks and it will be able to live up to the name “Master” bedroom.

Ugly old hamper - why do I keep this stuff!

Ugly old hamper – why do I keep this stuff!

I have an old laundry hamper that probably came from my grandparent’s house.  It looks really dated, but it’s never particularily bothered me until now.  I could just replace it, but they’re hard to find and probably fairly expensive.  I decided to give mine a “facelift” and see if I could save a few bucks.   I looked around on Pinterest a bit and found this link :  This looks about like the one I have, only a lot more modern.

I happened to pick up a can of spray paint the other night while at the hardware store.  It was a pretty grayish blue that I thought could come in handy in the bedroom.  I carried that thing down in the basement and just started spraying like crazy.  I wasn’t sure if the paint would adhere to that surface, but the directions said it worked on plastic so I figured it was worth a try.

I was surprised at how easily it covered.  I only did two coats and it looks just fine.  I added a little trim around the edges – using my new handy staple gun!  I think it looks a lot better.  I also took the opportunity to hang up a small picture in that area and now it is much improved.  Such a simple and cheap improvement!  Even Big Daddio was impressed.

My new lamp! There are two, but I can't show you the other side where all Big Daddio's junk is

My new lamp! There are two, but I can’t show you the other side where all Big Daddio’s junk is

I’m also adding a picture of the new lamps I bought for this room.  I’ve had the same ones for probably 20 years and I think it was time for something new.  I got these from someone at work who couldn’t use them in her house anymore.  I think they’re beautiful – just what I had in mind and I didn’t have to go out and shop all over for them.

Well, I need to get to bed.  I have a lot of things to do before we have this baby!



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