Day 49: Sweet Easy Chili and a dress for the baby

Good chili supper - perfect for a cold winter night

Good chili supper – perfect for a cold winter night

I’m working on a couple of things today, although I have to admit to being a little distracted.  It sounds like we’re getting really close to baby “D-Day” and I frequently find myself staring off into space with a goofy grin on my face, imagining that sweet little baby girl who is so close to meeting her crazy family!  I hope she’s ready for this.  Kind of like when the Bachelor goes on the hometown visit and sometimes the girl’s family is a bunch of nuts.  If you watched The Bachelor last night you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, this morning I put this good sounding chili in my crock pot.  It’s from a site I’ve visited before called The First Year, link: .  This recipe sounded easy and a little different.  I’m always looking for that perfect chili recipe and this is pretty good.  I don’t know about perfect.  It all depends on what kind of chili you like -this might be a little sweet for Big Daddio but he’s at a meeting tonight anyway.  It kind of reminds me of Cincinnati Chili – which you really should try if you haven’t already.

This was a great night to come home to something warm in the crock pot.  It’s very cold and blustery today, so I curled right up on the couch with my bowl of chili after I added a little cheese and sour cream.  I was tempted to grab a beer, but I still have a lot of work to do tonight and I thought I might never get off the couch if I started drinking.  Anyway, the chili was good and my stomach is very happy now.  The only thing I changed in the recipe was to only add 1 can of corn.  I thought Big Daddio might object if I added two whole cans of vegetables.

Pot O ' Chili

Pot O ‘ Chili

My other project is a crazy little idea to make a cute dress for my new granddaughter.  Remember the shower curtain I used for the bathroom curtain?  Well, there was a lot of fabric left and it has a pretty lavender border around the bottom.  My crafty mind started thinking that it looked like the beginning of a cute little baby sundress.  So I picked up a Laura Ashley pattern while at the fabric store on the weekend.  As usual, I had some other things laying around – lace and some ribbon left from the curtain.

Baby dress - but I think it'll be awhile until she's big enough

Baby dress – but I think it’ll be awhile until she’s big enough

I cut everything out and sewed – FAST – to get this ready for tonight’s post.  I’m actually a pretty quick sewer and use every shortcut known to man (or woman).  This comes from my history of making three little dresses for every occasion when my girls were all young.  And sometimes I threw in a doll dress or two.  Still not sure how I got all that stuff done!

I think the dress turned out really cute.   Hopefully the baby won’t mind having a dress that was inspired by a curtain!  I think I’ll have to wait a couple of years until she’s big enough to wear it, but that’s ok – I’m patient!


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