Day 47: Fun appetizers for a fun evening!

The Jelly Shots - these are fun and easy.

The Jelly Shots – these are fun and easy.

Today was a fun day.  I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen and then took my projects to a dinner party this evening.  I told my hostess that I could only come if I could  bring food and count it as a Pinterest project (thanks, Liz)!   Ha – that meant taking pictures at the party.  I think I’m getting a little crazy, but nobody seemed to mind.

While I was doing my cooking, John finished up one last project in the bathroom.  He hung a new overhead light.  Based on some of the comments I heard coming from  in there, I don’t think it went exactly as planned.  But it really does look nice and that’s about it for that room.  It looks great now.

I made several recipes to take to dinner.  My friends Liz and Dan had a little “Faux Thanksgiving”.  It was great – they made the turkey, dressing and potatoes and the other guests brought the rest of the food.  I made a meatball appetizer and a platter of “Jelly Shots”.  Both were fun, easy to make and everyone seemed to enjoyed them.

First, was something called Mango Cosmo Jelly Shots.  There’s a whole website about making these fun treats.  Here’s the link:  Take a look at this site.  The pictures are amazing and there are so many great sounding recipes.

These are kind of like jello shots, but not as sweet and easier to eat.  They can be cut into squares or you could cut them into shapes.  I had to change the recipe a little because I didn’t have everything – used Guava nectar because Big Daddio drank the mango.  I also substituted Triple Sec for the Conitreau because I didn’t have any around the house and it costs about $40 a bottle.

Ingredients for Jelly Shots

Ingredients for Jelly Shots

The substitutions didn’t seem to hurt anything.  You can see that I added a little piece of mango on the top and put some blueberries in for color.  They were just a fun and unexpected addition to the party.  I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors.

Next, I made some interesting sounding appetizer meatballs.  I found them at a site called “Gimme Some Oven”  – link:  There were some other good sounding things there that I may have to go back and take a look at.

Cute cocktail meatballs - the little forks are the key

Cute cocktail meatballs – the little forks are the key

The meatballs are easy and good.  They’re different then a typical barbecue style meatball.  I also liked the picture they showed with the little cocktail forks stuck in each one.  Very cute and I was able to find a package at the grocery store,

I read the comments on the blog and several said that the sauce needed to be sweeter.  I decided to add a little fresh lime juice and some brown sugar.  I think without that change it would have been too vinegary.  I would suggest playing with it until it tastes sweet enough for you – I think I added a couple of tablespoons.

I’m just glad I have good friends who can appreciate the idea of eating jelly shots on a Sunday afternoon! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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