Day 45: Laundry Tub – From bad to beautiful

Big improvement - I love how this looks.

Big improvement – I love how this looks.

Well, once again I’m a little behind on my posting.  This seems to happen on the weekend because I get too many things going on and can’t quite finish anything.  Sometimes I feel like I’m living on one of those HGTV shows – I’m always rushing around to get everything done before the homeowners show up.  Except I am the homeowner!

Tonight we went to the basketball game and then rushed home to finish our “project du jour”.  When I say “we”  I  mean both me and Big Daddio.  He has really been key in getting this done, because as I mentioned earlier I am not really a painter (or carpenter or hanger-upper of everything).  I really don’t know how or if I could have done this without him, although I definitely have been getting handier.  The other day I went into the hardware store and actually found myself interested in the paint supply aisle.  That would never have happened before!

I was just thinking the other day that when I was growing up, my dad always had stuff like paint, boards, nails and brushes in the basement.  When John and I moved into our first house I was SHOCKED that we had to go to the store and BUY supplies (and they were expensive)!  I just assumed that you got those things from the “basement”.

We are really trying to get the bathroom/laundry room finished this weekend.  Now that the doors are up, we moved on to the ugly old laundry tub that sits between our washer and dryer.  I don’t really understand why it has to be there, because I’ve been in plenty of houses that don’t have one.  I haven’t brought up the idea of somehow taking it out, because now doesn’t seem like the appropriate time (read:  Big Daddio’s a little grumpy that we’re doing this so late at night).

This looks even uglier in the picture than it did in person!

This looks even uglier in the picture than it did in person!

I found a cute picture of a laundry room on Pinterest – they have a setup a lot like ours, except they have a really nice looking sink instead of a “vintage” looking tub.  Here’s the link:  Take a look – it’s really pretty.

Here's another view of the much improved tub.  Great job, Big Daddio!

Here’s another view of the much improved tub. Great job, Big Daddio!

We painted the tub the same gray as the vanity and painted the top white, creating a nice cohesive effect with the washer and dryer – almost like a counter.  I added a cute gray basket for homeless socks that I found at Target.  Now it looks very respectable and almost like a “design” element in the room.  Not really – it still looks like an old laundry tub, but much less offensive.

So that’s it for today.  Tomorrow we will tackle the window and then we should be able to move on to the next big project.  I’ve already got a few ideas!


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