Day 45: Finally, the painted cupboards!

The new cabinets - this room is finally getting there!

The new cabinets – this room is finally getting there!

Well, the day that I have been waiting for has finally arrived.  I’ve gotten my cupboard doors back on the cupboards.  Woo-hoo! I honestly never thought it would take this long or require so many coats of paint to accomplish.  I will explain a little about this process in a moment, but first I just want to enjoy having cupboard doors again.  This experience  made me wonder how people can live with glass doors.  They’re pretty, but I think I would get really sick of looking at my stuff all the time.

First, I have to give Big Daddio kudos for getting the hardware.  He had to stop at two stores on the way home from work – on Valentine’s Day of all things.  He got the wrong size at Lowe’s and then had to go back to the hardware store.  But don’t feel too sorry for him because he loves going to those kind of stores.

Old dated doors

Old dated doors

As I said, I never thought it would take so long to paint these cupboards.  I thought I’d slap a couple of coats on and they’d be ready to go back up.  But as I did a couple of coats of primer, I realized that it wasn’t going to be quite that simple.  I started to look on Pinterest for some information.  I did find a site with a lot of good ideas (I should have probably read this before I started).  Here’s the link:

This site suggested skipping the brush and just spray painting.  I think I should have just done that in the first place.  It was too hard to get a really smooth coat around the ridges on this type of door.

I probably put about 5 -6 coats on each door and then put on a coat of polyurethane.  After that, I sprayed them again because I thought they looked a little yellowed.  All this was going on while John painted all the cabinet area.  Yikes – it was really a lot of painting.

Another view of the cabinet fronts

Another view of the cabinet fronts

It does look nice now that they’re all up with the new hardware, but I have to say that this process has convinced me that I will NOT be painting all the cabinets in my kitchen.  This was intended as a kind of trial run and I can see that it would just be too much work for us.  Maybe if we could take about a week off of work and do it all at one time, but there’s no way I want to spread this process over several weeks.  I guess my next step will be to check into those companies that “re-face” your cabinets!

Now I’m sitting with my Valentine, eating the steaks I bought as a bribe.  We (well, actually Big Daddio) grilled them, then we topped them with sauteed mushrooms and crumbled Stilton cheese.  Yum.

I have to admit that I’ve had a long mental struggle about sticking to my Lenten observance (no sugar) and not being rude by making John eat Valentine’s cake alone.  I’ve decided to just say no to the cake, but it’s really tough.  Who’s great idea was it to put Valentine’s Day right after Ash Wednesday?

Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day.


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