Day 44: Washcloth Rosebud Bouquet

The Rosebud Bouquet - pretty crafty, huh?

The Rosebud Bouquet – pretty crafty, huh?

Tonight I chose a quick project because I had to second coat my floor from last night and do a final coat on my cabinet doors.  No, really.  This time it’s final and I’m going to beg John to help me hang them tomorrow night.  I know it will be Valentine’s Day, but it shouldn’t take long and we’ll still have time for a nice dinner.  I bought a couple of steaks to use as bribery.  That should work, right?

I found this cute idea for a Washcloth Rosebud Bouquet for a new baby gift.  Wish I would have seen this before the baby shower!   Here’s the link:

It’s actually something you can order online, but I figured that I could make something similar.  I bought a couple of packages of cute washcloths at the store tonight and hurried home to get started.

Can't go wrong with a glue gun!

Can’t go wrong with a glue gun!

This project involved making another cone like the one I tried the other night with the nuts.  This involves one of my favorite craft tools – the hot glue gun.  There’s almost nothing that a hot glue gun cannot do.  Never doubt that two things can be attached with one of these babies – including your fingers, so watch out for that.

Another view of my craftiness

Another view of my craftiness

I didn’t really have any instructions, but it looked simple enough.  I made the cone and glued on the matching ribbons.  Then I rolled up all the washcloths and arranged them artfully  inside.  I think it turned out pretty cute and will make a cute gift for the baby – who is now due within the next two weeks!  We’re getting very excited now!!!

I also want to say “Happy Birthday” to Jordan.  I hope you read this (just ignore the part about the baby gift) and that you are having a fun last birthday before you become a mom.  Next year, you and the baby can celebrate together.  I can’t wait!



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