Day 43: Dull Parquet Floor – what to do?

Big improvement to my old parquet floor!

Big improvement to my old parquet floor!

Tonight I’m finishing the painting of the cupboards.  I mean it this time!  I’m done and now John will have to hang them up for me.  Unfortunately he’s not home tonight so it will have to wait until at least tomorrow, which is also shaky because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is one of Big Daddio’s favorite religious observances.  This is partly because our church holds something called a “sacrificial supper” – chicken noodle soup and  tuna and egg salad sandwiches made by some of the church ladies.  He is a simple man and he LOVES this dinner.  I guess I should make tuna salad sandwiches for dinner around here.  He’d probably be thrilled.  The point is that after we go to the dinner and then the Ash Wednesday service, I’ll probably have a hard time convincing him to hang the doors.  So that may have to wait until Thursday.

Anyway, for tonight I’m doing something that will be difficult to show but really needs to be done.  We have an old, worn parquet floor in the entryway at our house.  It looks ok if I’ve just mopped and polished it, but the rest of the time it just looks kind of dull and sad.  This morning I was adding a coat of polyurethane to my cabinet doors and I thought “hey – I wonder what would happen if I tried this on my floor?”

This floor really looks sad, doesn't it?

This floor really looks sad, doesn’t it?

So I went upstairs before work and tried it on a section of the floor.  It looked a lot better.  So I decided to hurry and do it as soon as I got home from work so we will hopefully be able to walk on it by bedtime.  Otherwise we will be sleeping in the living room and Big Daddio will not be happy.

I should mention that he is not home tonight and would not approve of this project anyway.  His engineering mind would say that we should go thru a bunch of steps and research, but I decided that we’ve been talking about this for years and I’m just going for it!  I did search for some information on Pinterest and found this site with really inspirational pictures of beautiful parquet floors.  Here’s the link: .

I ask for your prayers that it dries quickly – like before he gets home or I’m in big trouble.

Another picture of the new and improved floor.

Another picture of the new and improved floor.

Here’s another picture of the finished floor.  I think it looks a lot better and will be easier to maintain – I won’t have to rush around and polish it every time someone is coming over.  It may need a little sanding and another coat,  but I think it will be a big improvement.

Finally, I’m adding a picture of the new Pottery Barn Spring catalog that just arrived.  I have been pouring over it and getting all kinds of new ideas.  And I just thought the cover was really pretty.

I'll take one of everything, please!

I’ll take one of everything, please!

Postscript:  Big Daddio just arrived home and he actually LIKED the floor.  Thought it was a good idea.  And even better, he says I should buy some new rugs to replace the old grungy ones that were in there.  So – this was definitely a win/win project!


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