Day 29: Finally getting started on the laundry room and another exciting cleaning project

My crafty project - turned out pretty cute

My crafty project – turned out pretty cute

Tonight I’m  finally getting started on the laundry room project that I’ve been tiptoeing around for a few days.  After the difficult start I got on the vanity (see earlier post with unfortunate looking paint job), Big Daddio and I had a little chit chat last night about the future of this project.  He says he thinks we should just replace the vanity, as well as the ugly cabinets over the laundry area.  This was rather shocking to me because he’s usually not onboard to do something so dramatic.

Now, I’m probably going to live to regret this  but after checking some prices I decided that I’d rather go ahead with my ideas to re-paint and update what I already have.  My rationale is as follows:

1)  It’s going to cost several hundred dollars to replace the cabinets and vanity, even if I get just basic stuff.  I have a lot of things that REALLY need to be done in my upstairs bath (think total tear-out) and I’d rather save the money for that larger project.

2)  With all my new-found Pinterest skills and inspirations, I really think I can make the laundry room look cute on a budget.  And worse case, I’ll just buy new cabinets if it doesn’t work out!

Armed with my new crafty confidence, I headed out after work today to find some supplies.  I got some paint, but decided to hold off on that because my accomplice went to the basketball game and I remembered what happened that last time I tried painting BEFORE I took all the hardware off.

 Instead, I decided to work on a cute project I found at a blog called “Lovely Little Things”.  Here’s the link:  This blog has lots of great ideas and I’m going to have to go back and see what else I can find.  But for tonight I tried the cute letters spelling out “WASH”  for my wall.

Closeup - I think "A" was my best letter!

Closeup – I think “A” was my best letter!

I found the letters and two “fat quarters” at JoAnn’s.  I’m not a quilter and wasn’t exactly sure what a “fat quarter” was, but it seemed to be about the right amount of fabric.  I also found some spray adhesive, which turned out to be a wonderful thing.  This was really easy – so easy that I got excited and forgot to take pictures of the process.  I just traced around the letters onto the fabric and cut out with a pair of sharp scissors.  Then I sprayed the glue onto the letters and pressed the fabric onto the cardboard.  The “S” was the hardest, because of all the curves.  Fortunately this was a pretty forgiving project and I think it turned out great.  It’s just the inspiration I needed!   The hardest part was talking Big Daddio into helping me hang it up when he got home from the game.  Thanks, honey!

I also tried this idea I found for grout cleaning at a site called A Mum ‘N the Oven. Here’s the link:

My results were not quite as dramatic as hers, but the combination of her cleaner and my trusty Magic Eraser really made a difference.  I couldn’t really get a good picture of this, but see below for an idea of the improvement.  I  think that if I work at this a little at a time I can FINALLY get my grout to look pretty good.  It’s almost as exciting as the shower project!

Dirty grout - it is pretty bad!

Dirty grout – it is pretty bad!

Big improvement - I can't wait to work on the rest of the floor

Big improvement – I can’t wait to work on the rest of the floor

Well, I need to get to bed.  Sometimes it’s honestly hard to sleep at night because of all the Pinterest ideas rolling around in my head!


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