Day 28: Greek Yogurt Pancakes and other ideas

The finished pancake - it looks kind of gray because I used blueberry yogurt

The finished pancake – it looks kind of gray because I used blueberry yogurt

So today I tried an interesting recipe for Greek Yogurt Pancakes from a website called Everyday Belle.  Here is the link:

Before I go into detail about the pancakes, let me explain a little about how I got to that project.  This came about out of a mild sense of desperation.  My original idea was to do a project using old neck ties.  Why old ties, you ask?  When we were in Bloomington my daughter gave me a big box of ties that my son-in-law was getting rid of.  They are all very nice and in really good condition.  She half jokingly said that maybe I could use them as a Pinterest Project.

Not one to back down from a challange, I spent quite a bit of time searching for old tie projects.  I even found two ties in gold and blue and came up with the idea to make something for my daughter Lauren, who graduated from the University of Michigan (blue and gold). I found lots of projects, but unfortunately I didn’t see ANYTHING that Lauren would actually want to own.  So Lauren, you dodged a bullet today!  I decided to try to sell the ties on e-bay and put the money in my “new couch” fund!

Back to the pancakes.  I found the recipe, had all the ingredients (only 4!) and I thought pancakes sounded good for dinner.  That may because I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and these sounded kind of like “comfort food”.  One caveat – Big Daddio had already decided he wanted to get Chinese take-out, which is good because he would not have been impressed if this what I served for his dinner!

I mixed these up in about 5 minutes – maybe less.  They’re really quick and easy.  The batter is kind of thick and fluffy looking (see below):

The batter is thick - kind of hard to cook thru without burning

The batter is thick – kind of hard to cook thru without burning

Now, here’s my opinion of these.  I didn’t love them , but I have to wonder if I made them wrong or am just not the right audience.  The blog seems geared to people who want REALLY healthy food.  I didn’t think they were terrible, but it’s just so easy to make a good pancake that I don’t  quite see the point of these.  I guess if you never eat a real pancake, these might seem good.  Anyway, they’re worth giving a try to see what you think, if you really want to avoid carbs.  I guess I’m just not that dedicated.

Enough about the pancakes.  The other thing I worked on today is of hard to show, but I’m kind of proud of it because it was my own idea.  Here’s the picture (hard to see, I know):

Tableclothes stored in garment bags - my own genius idea

Tableclothes stored in garment bags – my own genius idea

The big idea is to use some suit and dress bags that I had laying around to store my tablecloths.  I have quite a few long ones that I’ve stored on hangers in this closet, but they are always in the way and don’t stay very clean.  I started thinking about these vinyl bags that we get when we order dresses from Rent the Runway.  Now that’s a whole other story – it’s a great website where you can rent designer dresses just for the weekend and then send them back.  It’s lots of fun and we’ve done it a couple of times for special events.  Anyway, you get to keep the nice garment bag that they send.

I hung all the tablecloths neatly on hangers and zipped them into the bags.  They will stay clean and out of the way of the mops and brooms.  Now all I need are some hooks for this closet and it will be finished.  I’m trying to get my husband to help with some other projects in this bathroom this week, so I guess I’d better make something better than pancakes tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day 28: Greek Yogurt Pancakes and other ideas

  1. You are really industrious, Linda! I am quite amazed and amused…your commentaries are the best, and always give me a laugh. Does John read these?

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