Day 26: Stick on wall decal for the nursery

The finished decal - pretty cute

The finished decal – pretty cute

Well, this weekend is an example of how you just have to  go with the flow sometimes.  As you know,  I headed down to visit my daughter who is having the baby.  Unfortunately, the closer we got to their house, the worse I began to feel.  I knew I had a little cold, but by Saturday that thing had blossomed into a full-out pneumonia type illness.  Not really pneumonia, but my nose would not stop running and I felt TERRIBLE.  And I felt doubly terrible because I was exposing my daughter to this terrible thing.  Which I’m pretty sure is not the flu, because I got a flu shot.  But whatever this is, you don’t want it!

So the bottom line is that nobody wanted me around them and I spent most of the day laying in bed – miserable from the cold and miserable because I couldn’t help with the nursery.  Fortunately my youngest daughter went with us and was a big help in getting things organized and put away.  She is a very “no nonsense” kind of person and kept telling me to get away from her and go back to bed.

The one thing I was able to help with was the assembly of the cute wall decal that you can see above.  Since the kids are in a rental place, they couldn’t do any painting.  So they ordered this cute tree decal that just sticks on the wall and comes off easily.  I assume it will stay on – it seems to be sticking at least for now.  I suppose when the baby gets older there might be a problem with her trying to peel the pieces off, but it should be fine for an infant.  It makes me think of  when my sister and I were kids.  My parents had just decorated our bedroom with the pink and purple wallpaper we wanted so badly.  After it was up, we decided to draw purple monsters on the wall with magic markers.  I think my mom handled this with amazingly good grace, but the monsters stayed on the wall for a number of years!

How it starts - lots of pieces

How it starts – lots of pieces

What the directions don’t really tell you about this “simple” project is that it really is basically a three-woman job.  You need one person to look at the diagram and figure out where things go.  The second person looks all over this huge sheet of decals to find the correct pieces and the third person actually puts them on the wall.  I guess you could do it by yourself, but it would take a long time and you’d be really sick of it by the end.  It took about 45 minutes with the three of us.

The round crib - they didn't have anything like this when I had a baby

The round crib – they didn’t have anything like this when I had a baby

Anyway, it’s really cute and things are starting to come together.  I’m including a picture of the adorable round crib they got.  Today the guys will finish hanging a few more things and then so we should be ready to have this baby!


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