Day 23: Crock Pot pork tenderloin and Roasted Vegetables

Dinner - including wine!

Dinner – including wine!

Today is going to be a cooking day, since I got home late last night and Big Daddio and I had to eat popcorn and little sausage bites for dinner.  This is not good on a lot of levels and I decided to make sure we had something decent to eat tonight.

I used a recipe for Pork Tenderloin that goes in the Crockpot.  It sounded good and went together fast.  I liked the sound of this for several reasons:

1)      It doesn’t require any extra pans or pre-cooking.  Everything goes right into the Crockpot and is mixed up in there.

2)     It includes quite a lot of garlic.  There’s usually a direct relationship between how much I like a recipe and how much garlic it includes.

This makes me think of when I really learned to like garlic.  My husband and I moved to California right after we were married.  We were just a couple of fresh-faced kids from Michigan and our families never used any “hippy” California stuff like fresh garlic in their cooking.  We met and became good friends with a family there who used it in EVERYTHING.  And the more, the better.  We really started to like it and I think there’s no better smell than cooking garlic when you walk in the house in the evening.

3)     It requires ¾ cup of red wine.  This means that if I open a bottle of wine for the recipe, I’ll have to have a glass or two with my dinner to use it up!  Which will probably make the whole thing taste even better!

What goes into the pork - you can't really see the wine but it's there.

What goes into the pork – you can’t really see the wine but it’s there.

The only problem with the recipe is it said to cook for only 4 hours on low.  Well, if I only work for 4 hours I will get in trouble, so I just set if for 6 hours and then it will go on warm for a couple of hours after that.  It seems to be fine – it’s pretty hard to overcook something like that.

I did think that, like some of the reviews, the soy sauce was a little overpowering.  I added some flour to the juices in the pot to thicken the sauce and served it with the pork.  I thought it was pretty good, but I’m going to keep looking for a Crock pot  recipe for pork that we like a little better.

I decided that in addition to the pork (and of course, the wine) we would also try a recipe that I found for roasted vegetables.  It just really looked good in the picture and sounded pretty easy.  I used the vegetables they showed in the pin – zucchini and carrots  – although it sounds like you could use pretty much any vegetable you have laying around.

Roasted vegetables - Carrots and Zucchini - ready to go in the oven

Roasted vegetables – Carrots and Zucchini – ready to go in the oven

They turned out pretty good, although I think I added too much oil.  I  like the color, the smell and even the sound while they were cooking.  Big Daddio wasn’t really a fan, but he doesn’t really like vegetables in general.

So now we are enjoying our very good dinner, watching American Idol and feeling really happy that we’re not eating popcorn again.  And all because of my 365 day Pinterest challenge!


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