Day 20: Vintage Ski Decor & other winter decorating

Simple idea for decorating with "vintage" skis

Simple idea for decorating with “vintage” skis

We had a busy weekend, what with baby showers and houseguests and visiting granddogs.  It was lots of fun to have the kids home and see so many friends and family.  After today, the new grandbaby is almost completely outfitted, so she can come any time now!

Today’s project is by necessity pretty simple.  I’ve been taking down Christmas decorations and it always looks kind of sad and empty with everything gone.  I saw a pin recently for decorating with vintage skis, which looked like what I had in mind to keep kind of a winter theme without being Christmasy.  I had to kind of laugh about the “vintage” skis – I don’t know if mine are vintage, but they are definitely old!

I played around with this idea a little over the weekend.  I tried using the actual skis, but it just looked like someone left something laying around outside the house.  I tried using just the poles and thought it looked better.  Obviously this isn’t a door that we use very much.  I added the wreath-like thing, which I liked because it  looks wintery .

I still have some work to do on this, but I think I’m making some progress.  I have a big lantern that I’m going to try to work into this theme – hopefully I’ll have something this week.

A work in progress, but at least the Santa is gone!

A work in progress, but at least the Santa is gone!

I’m also adding a picture of my front hall.  Same thing there – trying to get it wintery without Christmas.  Still not sure if this is the final version, but I think I’m getting somewhere.  I really liked the idea of the little pinecones in the small pots – they almost look like little trees.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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