Day 15 – Apple Peanut Butter Snack Bars

A pretty good healthy snack - even if it doesn't have frosting!

A pretty good healthy snack – even if it doesn’t have frosting!

Just got home from a long day of work and meetings. I decided to try a quick recipe that I spotted the other day for Apple Peanut Butter Healthy snacks on a blog called Happy Healthy Mama.  This recipe definitely appealed to me for two reasons:

1)     It sounded very sweet and yummy even though it says it has no flour and no sugar.  As anyone who knows me already knows, I’m always on a diet and it’s usually the “no sugar, no flour diet”.  I’ve found that this is just easy and effective enough to keep me somewhat motivated.  Although I can’t lie – I did cheat on Sunday night with my friend Liz’s blueberry buckle or cobbler or whatever.  It was absolutely worth the cheat and besides there were several witnesses there who read my blog, so there’s not point in trying to lie.

2)     I had all or almost all the ingredients at home.  I couldn’t remember for sure if I had honey – it might have been stolen at Christmas along with the vanilla!  Which brings me to an interesting sidenote.  I mentioned to Big Daddio that my big bottle of vanilla that my daughter brought from Mexico was either lost or stolen.  He smiled, a knowing smile, opened a completely random cupboard and showed me my missing vanilla!  So I guess it wasn’t stolen, but it sure was in the wrong place.

All the ingredients - notice the "stolen" vanilla

All the ingredients – notice the “stolen” vanilla

So anyway, I rushed in tonight and threw my batch of Peanut Butter Snackies in the oven for 20 minutes.  It smelled great and I immediately (before complete cooling – you know you do it, too!) ate a couple of those bad boys.  They are good (although they could use some frosting) – therefore meeting my ultimate criteria of cheap, easy and good!

I recommend these, although I know some of you are thinking that honey, although NOT TECHNICALLY SUGAR, doesn’t fall within the spirit of the diet.  Which may be true, but at 9:00 at night when you’re hungry and tired who’s going to split hairs?

My finished closet storage system.

My finished closet storage system.

I was able to get one more thing done , because it turns out that American Idol doesn’t start tonight as I originally thought.  Instead, I talked Big Daddio into hanging my additional two rods in my closet for bracelets and scarves.  I got everything hung up and it should make my mornings a little easier.  The next time you see me I will be accessorized to the max!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back tomorrow.


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