Day 14: Child’s apron made from potholder and towel

Cute apron for future "chef in training"!Hello again.  I’m back to work and trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything done.  We have a couple of baby showers coming up next weekend for the new grandbaby and I also have some weeknight meetings.  So my time is going to be tight and I didn’t get organized over the weekend.  Yikes – this could be challenging.

I might be tempted to say “oh well”, but over the weekend I talked to so many people who mentioned my blog!  It’s surprising to me that all these folks even know about it, but it certainly increases my motivation to keep it up.  I’m just too STUBBORN to stop.

Someone asked me last night how I go about writing the blog.  I told her honestly that I don’t think about it in advance or spend a lot of time word-crafting things.  I just sit down and start typing and stuff comes out!  It’s strange that part is so easy and I’m almost afraid to say that, because I’m worried that someday I’ll start typing and stuff WON’T come out.  I guess it helps that I’m not writing about anything important – I’m the “Seinfeld” of bloggers!

Tonight’s project is my first sewing effort, which is strange because I used to sew a LOT.  Every holiday, I would make matching outfits for all my daughters and often their dolls.  I sewed all the time until one day when my oldest daughter was in middle school.  I made her an adorable dress, she tried it on and said “yuck, I’m not wearing this”.  After that I hardly ever sewed – I guess she broke my spirit!  Or I was just tired and was happy for the excuse to stop.

But now that I have a granddaughter on the way, I’m thinking I’d like to start sewing again.  I can think of all kinds of great things to make for her.  The first step is to get the machines fired up again.  I had a hard time remembering how to even thread the thing, but it was like riding a bike!

All it takes to make an apron

All it takes to make an apron

The idea is ridiculously simple – take a potholder, a dishtowel and some ribbon and make an apron for a little child.  I’m not exactly sure of the age of the child who will use this, but I have a feeling it will be a while before our grandbaby will be cooking.  Maybe a long time if she takes after her mom!

Here are the instructions I followed courtesy of the blog Flexible Dreams if you’re considering making your own.

I chose this project because I found a cute potholder the other day and I was pretty sure I could pull this off without too much trouble.  Also, Bachelor is on tonight and that trumps everything else.   The good news is I have a TV in the basement near my sewing machine.

Anyway, it was easy (but not quite as easy as I’d hoped), cheap and turned out cute.  I’ll put it away for sometime in the future when the baby wants to cook.  I’ll also keep my eye open for other cute potholders, because what baby can have too many aprons!

Time to watch Bachelor – and figure out what I’ll do tomorrow.  Have a great evening.


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