Day 11: Crock Pot Oatmeal

Woke up to a yummy breakfast this morning!

Woke up to a yummy breakfast this morning!

Yeah – another Friday!  Love the weekend, but I have the same issue this week as I did last week.  We have dinner plans tonight so I really won’t be home at all today.  I decided that today would be a great day to try a Crock Pot oatmeal recipe I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

Last night (during a break in Project Runway) I ran in the kitchen and quickly assembled the ingredients for this in my Crock Pot.  As you can see from the recipe, it’s very simple and only requires a few things.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any vanilla.  Which is weird.  I always have vanilla and definitely had some at Christmas.  I think one of my daughters stole it when they left.  Just kidding – but the only other explanation is that I absent-mindedly put it in a strange place and will find it someday.  Which is what will probably happen, but I like the idea that someone stole it better.

Anyway, back to the oatmeal.  I sprayed the pot with cooking spray and threw everything in.  I literally did throw everything in because it was during a commercial on Project Runway and I had to get back before it came back on.  As a side note, I LOVE reality TV.  Anyone who knows me well understands to NOT call me on Wednesday night between 8 and 9 pm because I won’t answer.  I will be watching Survivor – my favorite of all reality shows.  But Project Runway is a close second.

In lieu of vanilla, I threw in some dried cranberries.  I stirred everything and set the timer for seven hours.  I may not have mentioned this, but right after Christmas I bought myself another gift with some Kohl’s cash (Merry Christmas to me!).  I had an old Crock Pot that was starting to get really ugly and the little knob on the front fell off so I had to turn it on using a pair of pliers.  You may think, “Oh no you didn’t” but it’s true and the sad reality is there’s lots of stuff around my house in that condition.  What I really need is a shower, but I don’t want to get married again.  I just got my husband trained after 30 years of marriage!  Plus, he’s a pretty great guy and has patiently helped me on almost all my Pinterest projects.

I feel like I keep getting sidetracked.  The reason I brought up the new Crock Pot is that it has a wonderful feature that allows me to set it for a certain number of hours and after that it holds it on “warm” for up to 4 hours.  This is great and really helps prevent having things overcooked and creating that hard, crusty stuff around the top of the pot. I would definitely recommend getting a Crock Pot that doesn’t just turn ON and OFF like my old one.

This is a super quick and delicious recipe

This is a super quick and delicious recipe

Well, to make a long story short (kind of), I woke up this morning to a wonderful smell and great tasting oatmeal.  I thought it was perfect -just the right consistency.  I added some almonds and then sat down to eat two bowls.  Probably not good for my diet, but definitely a great start to the day.  I netted two good size containers of leftovers, so I will have this over the weekend.

Hope you enjoy this recipe.  I will definitely be using this again in the future.  It would be great when you have house guests on the weekend.

Found this recipe at Frugal Upstate – Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Living a Good Life on a Budget.  Looks like a great blog  – take a look.


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