Day 10: Vanity area redo


The beautiful new vanity area

The beautiful new vanity area

Tonight’s project is really simple, but part of the overall plan to get Brooke’s room decorated.  I wanted to re-do the “vanity” area of Brooke’s room.  When she’s home it tends to become a surface to pile things on.  I’m hoping that now that it’s more beautiful she will want to keep it clean – let me know if you think that will work!

The vanity itself has an interesting history.  It was actually built by a great-aunt (I’ve got to check with my mom on the exact relationship).  Anyway, it ended up at our family cottage for a few years and was later refurbished for my daughter Jordan as a gift from her cousin.  I recently repainted it for Brooke’s room and just today finished a very simple covering for the stool.

I had originally thought that I would need to buy some material, make a large ruffle and sew everything together.  Now, I can sew but am of the opinion that there’s no need to go crazy unless absolutely necessary.  I started to think about an eyelet dust ruffle I had on one of the beds and am no longer using.  When my husband mentioned a staple gun I knew I was onto something.

Here is the process:

1)      Cut the pre-ruffled eyelet off of each side to create long strips

2)     Use the staple gun to cover the seat top.  This took two people – one to hold and one to staple.  And make sure you don’t staple your finger to anything.  Those things scare me!

3)     Wrap the first layer around the stool, making small pleats in the fabric to build in some fullness and make everything fit.  I made the first layer hit the floor and then added another layer higher up.  After that I needed to cover the edges, so I took a wide ribbon and wrapped it around to cover everything up.

4)     Voila!  It looks beautiful.

After this we hung the little mirror on the wall.  This was another great find.  I got it at Lowe’s – the price tag said $5.99 but it rang up at $2.99!

Vanity top with cute things I found at Big Lots

Vanity top with cute things I found at Big Lots

You can also see that I used some pretty contact paper I found at the Dollar Store on the sides and front of the vanity.  I really love how that looks.  Don’t bother trying to buy some because I got all they had and also some cute rolls of black and white.  I think I’m going to redo my craft room using that as my inspiration.

Anywho, I bought the cute tray and small cups in the same 50% off area at Big Lots that I mentioned earlier.  Another thing I love is the little frame with the “B” – it’s just a note card I found in the desk drawer.

I’m really happy with how the whole thing turned out and I seriously didn’t spend more than $20 for everything.  I hope this inspires you to try something like this at your house!


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