Day 8: Shoebox top wall hanging

Wall with super-economical initial art

Wall with super-economical initial art

As mentioned yesterday, I’m really digging in on the decorating of Brooke’s room.  I’m excited to finish everything up and “reveal” the final project.  I have a number of things going on and that always kind of stresses me out, but a lot of it’s just hanging things up and Big Daddio is a big help with that.

I had to stop at Meijer’s on the way home to pick up the rod for today’s project.  I bought one yesterday at Big Lots, but when John went to hang it we realized that it was magnetic and therefore not usable.  That will teach me to shop without my glasses – I wasted $8 and now I have to figure out what to do with a magnetic hanging rod.

Speaking of shopping, I wanted to mention my experience yesterday at the Dollar Store.  I’ve been in there quite a bit recently.  Apparently too much, because the checkout woman eyed me suspiciously and said, “You’ve been in here a lot lately.  Are you planning a wedding or something?”  I couldn’t very well tell her that I’m just a crazy middle-age woman compulsively writing a blog that hardly anyone reads, so I mumbled something unintelligible and hurried out of the store with my bags.  Now I’m going to have to figure out when she works so I can avoid her in the future!  As in tomorrow, because I need to return some stuff.

My great bargain - three sparkly mosaic plates

My great bargain – three sparkly mosaic plates

So I managed to get things hung on two walls of the room today.  The first is simple, but (I think) effective.  I had the most exciting experience at Big Lots when I bought these little sparkly plates.  I thought they were cute and then I noticed that they were HALF PRICE!  HALF PRICE at Big Lots!!  It doesn’t get any better than that.  So I quickly grabbed up three of them and took them home to hang.  Or as John says, “When you say we need to hang something, you really mean me.  Right?”

At that point I had to remind him about the issue of having me hang things on our walls, which is described below:

1)      I don’t really know how to use a hammer very well.  I mean, I understand the basic concept but there’s still a lot that can go wrong.

2)     I never know which nail to use out of the little nail holder compartment that he has.  They always seem to be too big or too small. Or they don’t have those little picture hanging pieces that he always seems to use.

3)     I’m more of an “eyeballer” when it comes to these things.  John is very concerned about measuring and lining things up correctly.  Which is a GOOD THING and has led to the basic rule in our house that I AM NOT ENCOURAGED TO HANG THINGS ON WALLS.

So, we (yes, I mean John) got those hung up and I think they look pretty cute.  I saw something similar in a Pottery Barn catalog and they were a lot more than $2.50 each.  Good job, Linda!

My craft project made from a box top

My craft project made from a box top

The next project is a true Pinterest pin that I spotted and have repinned below.  As you can see, this is a variation on the original project where they used a separate shoebox top for each letter.  I quickly determined that:

a) I didn’t have enough boxes for that (need to buy more shoes, I guess) and

b) I was going to get real sick of gluing stuff on box lids by the time I got around to the sixth box.

Keeping these limitations in mind, I had a lengthy discussion with Brooke about what would be suitable for her wall.  She dismissed a couple of my early ideas as “stupid and ugly”.  We finally settled on the version you see here.  She suggested Mod Podging it which was a good idea, but I should have secured everything better to the box top I used.  It bubbled a little during the process, but not bad enough to start over.  Also at Brooke’s suggestion, I used Mod Podge to attach the letters to the box which worked very well.

Now I want to make a disclaimer here.  This project is a little “homemade” looking.  I couldn’t sell this at a craft show or anything.  But I think it turned out pretty cute and it does add a nice pop of color to that wall and cost basically nothing.  One little tip – I used long pieces of tape to stabilize the back of the box so it didn’t stretch out when it was hung.

Well, enough for today.  I’ve got to get on to other projects.  Have a great evening.


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