Day 5: Crockpot Breakfast

Breakfast I will use to convince my husband he wants to help with my project!

Breakfast I will use to convince my husband he wants to help with my project!

Whew – I made it to the weekend.  This is my chance to get caught up a little and tackle some bigger projects.  I’ve got one in mind that will (hopefully) appear tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I will need to enlist the enthusiastic help of – you guessed it! – my husband John.  Now, if you’ve been married for a long time (or even a short time), you understand the delicacy of this negotiation.  I will need to get him on board using a combination of motivation, flattery, nagging and bribery.  I will also need to  carefully manage the timing of the project around any important sports event that are on during the day.  Which brings me to my project for today – a Crockpot Breakfast..  I’ve been eyeing this recipe for awhile and finally got around to after I got home late last night.

I’ve linked the pin below, but basically it’s a pretty simple concept.

1) First you need to cook a pound of bacon.  I like to put mine on a cookie sheet lined with foil and bake at 375 degrees for about 20-30 minutes or until it’s nice and crispy.  This recipe calls for “crispy” bacon, so be sure to leave it in long enough.  And keep an eye on it, because at one point I found my husband using a pair of tongs to steal a piece right out of the oven while it was baking!

2) Following the recipe, layer in all the other ingredients – hash brown potatoes, cheese, eggs, etc. and turn on your Crock Pot.

3) Go to bed with the smug satisfaction of someone who knows they will have breakfast waiting when they get up in the morning.  However, I would recommend cleaning everything up first, which I didn’t do because I was basically exhausted by that point and it would have been REALLY NICE to wake up to breakfast and NOT a mess.

4) Wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking happily in your kitchen!  It’s like having a maid.  The recipe said to cook it for 10-12 hours, so you need to time this right.  Mine looked pretty done after 9 hours, but I let it cook another hour just to be safe.

5) Use the wonderful breakfast to bribe your husband to do your bidding!  I’ll let you know how that worked out tomorrow.

Breakfast in the crockpot

Breakfast in the crockpot

I just tried some and it’s GOOD.  I didn’t put any onions in mine because my daughter Brooke is home and she’s a really picky eater.   Next time I will probably jazz it up a little more – maybe add some onion and red pepper and maybe use more and sharper cheese.  But I will definitely do this again.  It’s such a treat to wake up to this in the morning.

I’ll let you know how the “husband bribing” goes tomorrow!

Holiday arrangement

Holiday arrangement

One final item I wanted to share is this picture of my kitchen table holiday arrangement, because it may get dismantled today.  This was really my motivation for this whole blog thing, because Jordan made me the beautiful twig and berry wreath that you see surrounding my little Christmas tree.  I added the candlesticks after a post-Christmas trip to the TJ Maxx sale isle.  I have really enjoyed this and it looks beautiful with the candles lit.  Anyway, this may come down today so I wanted to share it now.

Have a great Saturday!

Where I found the recipe:


6 thoughts on “Day 5: Crockpot Breakfast

  1. I am loving your blogs. If word gets out about John being your capable, bribed assistant – hmmm! Women will love him and men …. well that’s another story. Keep up the good work Linda.

  2. Hi Gorgeous. I printed this recipe. Keep the crock pot recipes coming, especially ones that do not require canned soup and such! Yay!!!!!

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